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Vendor Details

It takes a village to throw a wedding. Here's a sampling of the services you'll enjoy at our event!


Originally a farm house from the 1700's, Swan Harbor Farm, is the hidden gem of the Chesapeake region. In addition to the farm house, Swan Harbor also boasts over 900 acres of adjoining land, although we probably won't use more than 25 acres for our wedding!

* Did You Know: Directly across the Chesapeake Bay from Swan Harbor Farm is the Black Hill Ranger Station, where Alanna and her family lived from 1983 to 1985.

For more information: Read the Swan Harbor Farm information guide.

The Rabbi

Haftorah, will travel. Coming all the way from Congregation Beth Chaim in West Windsor, New Jersey, Rabbi Eric Wisnia will be performing our service.

* Did You Know: Rabbi Wisnia performed Ben's Bar Mitzvah service (1995) and presided over Alanna's conversion process (2005).

For more information: Read the Rabbi's biographical notes or visit the Congregation Beth Chaim website.


Chef's Expressions is a nationally recognized off-premise caterer and event service, based out of Timonium, Maryland. We're keeping the menu for our wedding a surprise, but Executive Chef John Walsh wowed us with his dishes at the sample tasting session! He personally brought out and explained each elegant dish as it was being served. It was like being a judge on an episode of Iron Chef!

For more information: Visit the Chef's Expressions website.

Event Coordinator and Floral Designer

Michael Anthony, of the Michael Anthony Design Center in Baltimore, Maryland, has been developing unique wedding concepts and floral arrangements for the last few decades. An expert in his field, we are amazed at Michael's knowledge of flowers and wedding design concepts. He is able to take our rough, but original, ideas and mold them into thoughtful wedding elements that fit our style and vision. The actual floral arrangements and ceremony and reception details are being kept a surprise, but we are sure you will enjoy the event!

For more information: Unfortunately, Michael is too busy in the design shop to prepare a website!


Alanna believes it was fate that brought us to Barry Korbman, the photographer we chose for our wedding. Alanna and her Mom changed their plans and decided not to go a bridal show, but ended-up going to one last minute. Barry wasn't supposed to go the bridal show, either, but a spot opened up and he decided to go at the last minute, as well. And it's a good thing that both parties attended the event! Barry's talent is exquisite -- he takes "action" wedding shots, not just posed or unnatural photos. He manages to get the true feelings of the people and event without interrupting the event. We are definitely looking forward to having Barry capture all of our special moments.

* Did You Know: Barry Korbman uses only 2" slide negatives, not digital photography, because the "old-school" way produces a richer and fuller picture?

*Did You Know: Barry actually lives just minutes away from Ben's parents, in West Windsor, New Jersey? Small world . . .

*Did You Know: The constantly changing photographs of Ben and Alanna in the top-left of each webpage were taken in 5 different countries? None of them, however, were shot by Barry.

For more information: Visit the Korbman & Company website.


Although their name is a little hokey, the Mutual Fun Band's name is actually very fitting. They sound great, are willing to work with us to learn our songs, and are among the best bands in the Baltimore, Maryland region. The members of the band treat the job as a hobby -- not a profession (they all have seperate day jobs). That means that they have passion for what they do and are going to do what their name implies: Have fun by providing fun, lively, and fitting music for all of our guests.

For more information: Visit the Mutual Fun Band's website.


A perfect walk down the aisle must be accompanied by the perfect song -- and for us, that song will be played by Lauren Althouse, an accomplished harpist in the Maryland area. At our first meeting, Lauren's rendition of classic wedding tunes brought both mothers to tears. So, do be sure to bring a tissue!

* Did You Know: Every single member of Lauren's family going all the way back to her grandfather went to Penn State! . . . that is until her! For this year, her freshman year, she chose University of Southern California over Penn State!

For more information: Come to the wedding and hear the harp!

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